Cannibal Kids by Kate Tempest About this poet

Live recording of the performance poet Kate Tempest.

Length: 1:11m   Topics: A Poetry Player, Rebellion, Violence, YouTube Selection,
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louise | 6 October 2011

kate really wants to expess there fellings and really wants to make a diffrents and everyone that heres her poems really feel for them.<3 :’{


Leah | 6 October 2011

So good and so true.Kate really wants to express her feelings and it shows!:)


Lizzy | 6 October 2011

Wow, this poem is amazing, the way Kate expressed it made me feel shocked. I have watched it three times.


Emily | 6 October 2011

The voice fitted well with the poem. It makes people recongise different children. The poem is effective to the audience.


Gerry Potter | 25 January 2010

A sublime mix of Janis Joplin Martin Luther King and Joe Le Taxi. Magnificent. This is a rare and real voice borrowing a thousand styles while remaining undeniably unique. Gerry Potter X


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